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  • Posted in: Edgenuity Community

    Just in time to unwind for Summer, check out our picks for the top 7 books for educators , covering topics like self-care, supporting students with IEPs who are working remotely, and more. Take a look at what we’ve picked for this month. And happy ...

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    RE: Senior grades

    Posted in: Edgenuity Community

    My response is a little late for your purpose but I make it a practice to never close classes Friday or Saturday nights. If a student runs into a legitimate problem I don't want them to be penalized unfairly. We always close on a Sunday night at 11:59 ...

  • Posted in: Edgenuity Community

    Hi Stephanie, Yes, I'm referring to writing prompts vs. projects. Sorry I wasn't clearer. We've been moving towards having students submit assignments on Google docs rather than in the text box or via PDF. It's great because it allows us to comment directly ...

  • Posted in: Edgenuity Community

    I agree Mindi. As an adult educator, we use the credit recover model. I assign partial credit by dividing up the units. Units total approximately 10 for a year’s course. So, for example if a student needs only 7 units, I delete the first 3 units. ...

  • Posted in: Edgenuity Community

    Hello, How does your school go about tailoring credit recovery courses? Our courses are all aligned to our traditional courses and take students approximately 25 hours to complete, and we do use pre-testing. I am interested in best practices and procedures. ...

  • Posted in: Edgenuity Community

    It's your week to shine and I am beyond thrilled to celebrate the many dedicated educators I get to interact with every day. Yes - YOU ! To help you feel the appreciation today, we would like to share some quotes from Edgenuity users that illustrate ...

  • Posted in: Edgenuity Community

    Welcome to the Edgenuity Community, I am excited to have you! We hope that you will come here often to share your expertise with customers and each other as you all have valuable knowledge to add to the conversation. Make sure you complete your member ...

  • Posted in: Edgenuity Community

    Hi, This information looks like it pertains to the UPCOMING school year and the next one. Not what has transpired this school year. -- Christine Murphy Pembroke High School Librarian District Liaison for Edgenuity 781-293-12 ...

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