Benefits of joining our online community of educators

We know that COVID-19 has completely changed the landscape of education as we know it, and dropped the responsibility mainly onto educators to learn new technology and implement it with fidelity. We want to help you navigate this new world by creating a place for you to talk, brainstorm, and share successes and failures (aka – learning opportunities) with other educators experiencing similar issues. 

By joining the community, you can network with others from your state or across the country, who are using technology in their classrooms, schools, or districts to improve student outcomes. Or (let’s be honest), at this point, many are just trying to find the silver lining in an incredibly difficult situation. Trust us; there are plenty of benefits to using technology in your classroom, but most of those benefits come from a good implementation and proper training. That’s where the community can help.

If you’re looking for more specific how-to articles and walk-throughs, we have built our Help Center specifically for that purpose. But, if you’re looking for a place to ask questions of other educators and work together to find solutions and get tips, then the Edgenuity Community is the right place for you.

We hope you enjoy this newest effort to provide our valued partners with the tools you need to be successful and truly impact your students. We look forward to seeing you online!