Amanda Ortiz

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Hello all! After working in Higher Ed for 14 years in administrative roles, I have transitioned to the role of teacher at a Cyber-Academy in New Mexico!  I have my bachelor's degrees in Accounting & Finance and my Master's in Human Resource Management but utilized the Alternative Pathway through NMPED to allow me this opportunity!
I began this journey in August of 2019, and man...what an adjustment! Student behaviors in the classroom were not what I remember growing up and I certainly wasn't prepared for the inappropriate language or topics of conversation.  After overcoming the initial "shock" of it all, connections began to form, trust began to develop, and a love for my students & the profession grew. When COVID-19 hit, our transition wasn't "as bad" as those in a traditional setting because we had Edgenuity. That's not to say we didn't have our obstacles, but I certainly felt blessed.
I've joined this platform to discover ways to improve my implementation of the program as well as ways to modify assignments where appropriate. With the little control and oversight I now have in this virtual environment, I want what I do and require of them to matter, without being overly zealous.
So, to my fellow educators - point me in the right direction!