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  • 1.  Cheating

    Posted 01-27-2021 07:08

    Thank you so much for the message information on cheating.  I am experiencing this with my 200plus seventh grade students.  I am sure that I do not see all of the ones who plagiarize; however, I do see quite a few.  Please keep posting and providing me with ways to "nip this in the bud" as we Southerners would say. 

    Wayne Graydon

  • 2.  RE: Cheating

    Posted 01-27-2021 08:34
    We check everything the student types -- and once word gets out that we follow the District policies the cheating will be less. Sure, students will try  - but we just have to hold firm.

    Diane Wilson
    La Vega ISD - Success Academy

  • 3.  RE: Cheating

    Posted 01-27-2021 08:59
    I would suggest modifying the grade weights of the courses. Put less weight on the quizzes and unit tests and more weight on the final exam, which I recommend proctoring. The final exam should be locked so that teachers can monitor when a student is ready for the final exam. I run a 100% online program and these 2 things were implemented 2 years ago. 
    Hope this helps.

    Maria Cuzzocreo
    Director Of Instruction
    Grad Solutions

  • 4.  RE: Cheating

    Posted 01-27-2021 12:15
    I read a research article a few days ago that discussed how much time it takes to answer a multiple choice question. It said 45 seconds,so I adjusted my time for quizzes and tests. You can't google much when a 10 question quiz has only 8 minutes. So far it has not been a problem and scores are not too bad at least for PE. My history courses take tests using Illuminate because there are too many questions floating online and they need more rigor to prepare for state end of course test.

    Terica Oates
    Coffee County Career Academy