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Students looking to improve their study skills?

  • 1.  Students looking to improve their study skills?

    Posted 27 days ago
    The course Online Learning and Digital Citizenship includes content that covers study skills, including lessons on managing time, taking notes, getting help, conducting research, studying for tests, and more! 

    I've done a bit more digging on the course and have included several resources for those interested in the content. Attached:
    • Online Learning & Digital Citizenship SYLLABUS
    • Online Learning & Digital Citizenship SCOPE 
    • Course Description (from catalog): This one-semester course provides students with a comprehensive introduction to online learning, including how to work independently, stay safe, and develop effective study habits in virtual learning environments. Featuring direct-instruction videos, interactive tasks, authentic projects, and rigorous assessments, the course prepares students for high school by providing in-depth instruction and practice in important study skills such as time management, effective note-taking, test preparation, and collaborating effectively online. By the end of the course, students will understand what it takes to be successful online learners and responsible digital citizens.

    Ayla Hargrove

  • 2.  RE: Students looking to improve their study skills?

    Posted 23 days ago
    Hi Ayla! This course is always a great resource for students, but even more important in the current learning environment. I found an insightful article that adds the "psychology" aspect to the formation of healthy habits. https://www.edweek.org/teaching-learning/opinion-response-several-ways-we-can-help-students-develop-good-habits/2012/06

    Bianca Kress
    Weld North Education

  • 3.  RE: Students looking to improve their study skills?

    Posted 21 days ago
    I just read through the scope for this course. Excellent! A course like this should be required for all students when they begin taking online courseware. In the article Bianca recommended, the author points out that habit development follows the pattern of cue-routine-reward and shares the example of Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer, and how his pre-competition routine creates a pattern of small successes that establish a sense of victory and create momentum to ultimate victory in the race. A great deal of self reflection is necessary when building out cues for behavior and Online Learning & Digital Citizenship provides opportunity for just that type of reflection. Reading the article made me realize the cues I have established for my own work and study behavior. I never recognized them as cues before, but they definitely are cues. For example, at the end of each work day, my desk has to be clean and ordered. That becomes my cue when I sit to work the next day. I see my desk clean and ready for me and I sit down and start.

    Maryum Mohsin
    CQA Tester